A succession of Artists in Residence have enjoyed the hospitality of the
Cromarty Arts Trust since 1996 and have used the accommodation and space
to nurture their creativity in this supportive and inspirational setting.


To date we have played host to a Tapestry Weaver, a silversmith, an illustrator, two photographers, a book binder, two traditional musicians, a stone letter carver, and five painters! In return for their stay in Cromarty, the artists either leave a piece of work behind, or provide some kind of community event, talk, or workshop for the benefit of the local community. We have built up, over the years, a legacy of great memories, inspiring occasions, and a number of beautiful pieces of work.

Other residencies

Other residencies have been enthusiastically received by the public as well as artists – Jessica Wolston and Shane Connelly ran an immensely successful puppet workshop at Cromarty Primary.

Traditional musicians Aidan O’Rourke and Alyth MacCormack’s workshops generated enthusiastic feedback, and Aidan composed three fiddle tunes while here.

Matthew Hammond’s talk to other local photographers sparked lively and useful debate about documentary photography, and Cathy Richmond used her skills as art tutor at the School of Art in Glasgow to impart to a local art group curating considerations for their forthcoming exhibition. Painter Craig Peacock and Photographer Christina MacBride together with Cathy Richmond held a joint show of the work they produced during their residencies at the Compass Gallery in Glasgow in May 2004.

Most importantly, all of the past artists in residence have testified that they themselves gained an enormous amount from being given free reign to be creative, in a supportive and visually stimulating environment. Many who have been here have returned, and we consistently receive enquiries from artists, who have heard from contemporaries what an enriching experience the Cromarty Residency can be.

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